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Yay for Friday

A rough week. No doubt about it. But the week is almost over. One more work day. And then a couple of days at home to try to rest and relax and recover. We are also kid free for the next two weeks. And we have just these two weeks to try to get ready for my birthday bash. It doesn't seem like nearly enough time.

I opted to not go to knitting last night. I was tired. Very tired. We fed the kids, and then Anthony called to tell me they were going to be having some cake for Krista's birthday. So we headed over for a few minutes. The kids had a fun time playing around. Climbing trees, playing with wagons, and generally rough-housing. And then we took them home and they crashed out. It is nice to live nearby to other folks with kids so that we can have improptu events like that.

Today is the last day here for James. I'm so sad that he is leaving. He's fantastic. He's funny. He's professional. And I have always been able to count on him. It is a real blow to lose him. But I know he is going to a great new job with much better promotion potential. And maybe one day I can get him back!

We are having his farewell lunch today, so that means I have an extended lunchbreak. That also means I need to get cracking on my boring talky-talk work so that I can relax a bit at lunchtime!
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